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Quirky oblong shape; coal-fired oven taste; simple, classic, high-quality ingredients; a mandatory ugly dessert; a superlative accolade from a renowned pizza reviewer – just a few of the many good reasons to get familiar with one of Metro Detroit’s best pies.

I love guerrilla-style foodie entrepreneurs, and Detroit Brunch does NOT disappoint. You’ll feel like an epicurean spy when you’re emailed instructions to your secret pickup location. Quality and quantity? Detroit Brunch has got ’em! Even if you’re not a vegan, you’ll love this underground brunch experience.

This installment of the Detroit Pizza Tour takes us to the charming near-Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe Woods…. Right there on Mack Avenue, near the Original Pancake House and right by a cute yarn shop, is the delightful storefront of DiNoto’s Genuine Italian with a welcoming red awning. When we entered Dinoto’s we were confronted […]

Not a romantic restaurant, but more of a place to bring the kids or catch the game in the bar. The ambiance is truly Detroit – no Chicago wanna-be pizzas here. Bottom line: Shield’s pizza truly rocks and is an excellent specimen of the Detroit Pizza style.

Great things are said about Pizza Papalis, which has five locations in metro Detroit, so I was excited to give it a try. After a visit to their website, I was prepared to be faced with Chicago-style pie, which I must admit is not my favorite. But I went to PizzaPapalis with an open mind and an empty stomach.

This place is a serious case study in pizza as comfort food. Until another pizza place can capture my heart with such decisive deliciousness and simpatico setting, this will be my place to share with out-of-town guests when I want to show off a quintessential example of Detroit pizza.

Detroit Pizza Tour

Inspired by a story on the best pizzas in metro Detroit, I have decided to make a goal of two pizza places a month for a year to get an accurate education in Detroit pizza.